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Laptop Mobile Repair

We at South East Mobile Computers offer quality phone, tablet, and computer repairs at the best prices. Also, we have a dedicated team of experts to fix your technical problems. We can fix all devices at an affordable rate.

  • We offer same day service.
  • High-quality replacement.
  • Provide expert technicians.
  • Virus removal
  • Data Recovery and back up
  • Internet security and firewalls
  • Speed up your computer

Smart TVs equipment

Having issues with your smart TV not connecting to Netflix? Stop worrying about the expenses! We at South East Mobile Computers can come to your place and sort it out.

Desktop Repair

There is nothing more annoying than a desktop that doesn’t work appropriately. South East Mobile Computers repairs all parts of the computer efficiently. In addition to that, if you like to run your personal computer smoothly, then try our services. It is our responsibility to offer the best version of your computer at a very nominal price rate. Look out our exclusive offers:

  • We restore the default operating system without harming your personal data.
  • We tune up the speed of the computer.
  • Removes virus.
  • We taste and diagnose the problem.

Custom PCs and Gaming Machines

We at South East Mobile Computers will tailor a gaming solution for you and also fit in with your budget.

Email us now at semcomputers@bigpond.com for a free quote.

Other Services

  • SOHO Netwoking*ADSL Installation
  • Diagnostic Troubleshooting
  • Insurance Repairer
  • Win 10 Upgrade Service
  • NBN Troubleshooting

We come to you very competitive rates.

Ram upgrades Free Installation

Repairs from $45

Computer Service $95

Computer running slow Spyware, Malware we can Reload your system and back up all your data from $150-$180



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